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Charmaine said...

Baap...i dont have words to going crazy looking at these pics, and i want you to tell me each and every place in this blog where it is located...coz i seriously need to pack my bags and jumpon!!! I want to believe that they r for real,,,, and if so...i wanna visit these places atleast once before dying!

joshua Sundararaj said...

@Charmaine : Thank you so much for your valuable comments. All the pics in page 1 till page 4 are taken at Nagercoil, Tamilnadu. I love exploring places and been to many places in and around nagercoil which nobody knows exists. Page5 pics are taken at Kodaikanal, one of my fav places in tamilnadu. Worth visiting. Wanted to take loads of pic, but ended up with only a few since it a one day trip :(

Jane Hamilton said...

Hey Josh,
Saw all the pages, and Your pictures are simply wonderful! I rated your blog 'Excellent', BTW!
I think you are underestimating yourself, when you call yourself an amateur. Guess what, some more of these amazing photos and you can probably publish a book!
Keep up the great work.
My Best,
Jane Hamilton.

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Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Hey, cool pics... i especially like the one of the curtain edged boat, seems like it was taken in Kashmir. The first picture seems like russia what with all the red colour...
Anyway, all those pics taken in Nagercoil, I hope you remember where they were taken, cause the next time I come there I am gonna visit all those places.